As much as ShowMeTheProperty shared about how the masses enjoy and prefer 360 content over traditional display, it is not a new science to realise 360 video advertising and 360 virtual reality ads are much more interesting and engaging over traditional ones. 

Let’s explore the numbers and move our focus over to performance and effectiveness as we highlight how 360VR ads and 360 video ads perform better than traditional display. 

This is especially important in this era where social media becomes the common marketing media with web pages being rated based on their users’ clicks and engagement rates

Take note of the stark difference between the two mediums as we go through with you :

So how do 360 degree VR video ads perform compared to traditional video ads? 

360 VR video ads are found to have garnered more clicks and more engagement.  Especially so when more users are on their mobile devices when they view your content.

360VR Engagement Rate

The difference in engagement rates if you engage 360VR vs traditional media

360VR engagement Rates

Such engagement rates translates to more views, and even higher content and brand recall. 

360VR Content Recall

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