360 Degree VR Virtual Reality (360VR) is the new marketing strategy about to take the world by storm and adding it to your marketing channels is something you should definitely think about for the coming year, especially when the Covid Pandemic has affected the economy at large.

360 VR marketing is so successful because it solves a huge and long standing problem –  Engagement between brands and their consumers. 

Engaging consumers in the current era is more important as making them aware of your product features affects their decision to purchase significantly. Effective consumer engagement transcends through time and location, thus increase the desire to purchase from the audience.

Recently, Show Me The Property  has also noticed a number of brands focus on 360 VR, integrating the tech into apps and marketing campaigns. 

Here’s a round-up of a few of the most innovative examples.

Key Technology: VERYX Food Sorting

Key Technology, a manufacturer and designer of food processing systems, created a Virtual Reality demo that would allow attendees of the Pack Expo food packaging trade show to experience a detailed, hands-on look at how the company’s VERYX digital food sorting platform works. It was part of a comprehensive B2B campaign to grow brand awareness among a target audience of food manufacturers, and VR gave participants a highly unique look at what exactly the process looks like inside of the machine.

Show Me The Property would like to comment that while this 360 degree video doesn’t completely replicate the experience, it does indicate the differentiating way brands within such B2B industries as manufacturing can leverage 360 VR to immersively demonstrate their sophisticated technologies and capabilities.

Defy Ventures and Within: Step To The Line

The most memorable for those who attended Oculus Connect in October was, the event’s VR For Good exhibit: a showcase of creative work that used Oculus and VR technology for social- and mission-focused ventures.

One such example of that work was Step To The Line: A short film documenting the lives of inmates at California maximum-security prisons. It was created by Within, a VR storytelling production company, in partnership with Defy Ventures, an entrepreneurship and development program for men, women, and youth who are currently or were formerly incarcerated.

With this unique watching experience, viewers were able to uniquely see what life is like within the walls of these correctional facilities, from the yard, to the cells, to the conversations that take place there.

Boursin: The Sensorium

Someone we know recently pledged to give up dairy only about 48 hours ago and yet she already claims to miss cheese, a lot, after viewing the clip below.

You can imagine her happiness, when she discovered that the cheese brand Boursin once created a VR experience to take users on a multi-sensory journey through a refrigerator to shed light on its products’ flavor profiles, food pairings, and recipe ideas.

The goal: to raise awareness among U.K. consumers of Boursin’s distinct taste and product selection.

Show Me The Property would like to comment that while the VR installment was part of a live experiential marketing campaign, the rest of us can get a taste of the virtual experience via this YouTube video.

Toms: Virtual Giving Trip

Toms, a popular shoe company, is well known for donating one pair of shoes to a child in need every time a customer buys their own pair. Well, this charitable developer found a new way to inspire its customers to give.

The Toms Virtual Giving Trip is narrated by Blake Mycoskie, the founder and Chief Shoe Giver of Toms, and one of his colleagues.

As they describe the story of Toms’ founding, their VR experience takes viewers on a trip through Peru, where Blake and the shoe-giving team visit a school of children who are about to receive the shoes they need for the first time.

What Toms’ 360 VR campaign does so well is something cause-driven organizations all over the world struggle to do: Show donors exactly where their money is going. This video gives you an experience that’s intimate enough to put Toms on your list for your next shoe purchase.

DP World: Caucedo Facilities Tour

DP World is a global trade company that helps businesses transport goods around the world. As the company opens new terminals, however, they need a way to show their customers what DP World’s property has to offer.

DP World’s recently opened Caucedo facility in the Dominican Republic is just one of several DP World properties that uses VR to promote its large and often mysterious ships and land masses as they suddenly appear in a community.

Is trade logistics a sexy industry? Not to everyone. 

That’s exactly why a 360 degree tour of DP World’s terminal is so valuable here. 

Show Me The Property  would like to demonstrate just how efficient, safe, and crucial these properties are to certain businesses — without making them put on a hardhat and walk through the port itself.

Including 360VR in Your Marketing Campaigns

As you read this, you might be thinking, “Why should a small-business marketer like myself be learning about high priced VR campaigns?” 

Well, not exactly high-priced as VR is certainly getting more and more abundant in society, as Show Me The Property is availing this technology to be affordable to many.

More and more brands and organizations will be leveraging on this technology for product promotion and virtual storytelling to better interact with their digital audience.

Be bold to try out a VR-based campaign as your brand’s marketing innovation, content marketing or visual storytelling. Many of our clients in Show Me The Property  are surprised at the kind of  consumer engagements such a 360 VR campaign is capable of achieving at the end of the day. So would you !

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