Congratulations on securing a Tenant for your rental property !

So what are the next steps in servicing the tenant to make sure they take care of your assets throughout the tenancy terms? 

One thing for sure – you do not wish to have complaints that the tenants do not take care of the property because they don’t know how to get it fixed, don’t know how to take care of the microwave oven or which vendor does the landlord prefer for the Aircon or swimming pool?

For this reason, Real Estate Agents and Landlords need to communicate with tenants a lot. As much as this seems like a simple task, but you might feel your energy being sapped if your tenants keep calling you and asking how to use the appliances or which switch belongs to which appliance? 

Show Me The Property has the right solution to these ongoing issues and enhances the way your rental asset can be preserved !

SMTP - Site Inspection Example

Our Site Inspection Package addresses the issue at the point of property handovers and takeovers, while helping landlords communicate efficiently with tenants. 

Site Inspection Package for Property Handovers To Tenant

This is especially handy as the property will be taken at its prime stage and the 360 degree VR image will be passed to the tenant.

The immersive tours help tenants understand how utility services at a property work so they can avoid difficulties and unnecessary contact with landlords. 

This is particularly useful for the fixed or short term rental industry due to the high turnover rates. 

Virtual instructions for tenants improve the customer experience and bring benefits to both tenants (who can enjoy a pleasant stay) and landlords (who don’t need to personally instruct scores of guests on a regular basis).

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Beyond Inventory Package for Property Handovers To Landlord

Prior to lease expiry and when the property is about to be returned to the landlord, some landlords may wish to do a site inspection for tenants to verify and fix the defects. 

This is when our Beyond Inventory comes in handy as it includes the defects to be rectified before being returned to the landlord.

Imagine the cost and running back and forth just to rectify a small defect? This package solves the problem with your Landlord passing back the property for you to market again as trust in your professionalism has been built over time through such technology.

Learn more about how Show Me The Property is ready to create your custom 360 Degree VR in whatever format that best meets your needs. Many clients are surprised at how affordable and effective our packages are. 

Take a look at our portfolio for used cases and have a better understanding on how we can help you.

We encourage you to dream big and ask questions. 

Reach Out to us, we are eager to surprise you.


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