Top notch Property Developers, Real Estate Companies, Real Estate Agents and Realtors are always at the leading edge when it comes to exceeding Buyers’ and Tenants’ expectations.

Show Me The Property has observed that gone are the days when visitations, greetings, birthday cards or gift baskets went above and beyond in terms of client service.

Anticipating every curve and nooks along the sales cycle by giving your client what they need – and want – has become an essential part of closing the deal.

Apart from moving along with the digital age where information can be obtained easily with the snap of the fingertips, the effects of the Coronavirus has forced your Buyers and Tenants to turn their property hunting into a digital experience as well.

The 360 degree VR technology has made property hunting such a breeze that Buyers and Tenants will not turn back to traditional ways anymore. Instead, they will anticipate such service to  experience the positive engagement they obtain from VR for Real Estate. 

Let us share how the 360 degree VR technology can work for your practice too.


360 Degree VR Works For Property Tours

Remember the times when Realtors have to schedule appointments for Buyers and Tenants to make property tours?  Recall the frustrations you feel when no satisfactory answer comes out from these tours and the client kept changing their expectations with requests to view more?

Virtual Property Marketing

Creating time for property tours is a huge barrier to selling quickly at full price and also, many would agree, is time consuming. 

When both Realtors and prospective buyers are overwhelmed with their own busy schedules, a Virtual Reality walkthrough, also known as 360 degree VR Virtual Tour of an important listing can make the difference between getting the right buyers or tenants ‘through the door’ and suffering one missed opportunity after another…

The best thing is, 360 degree VR walkthroughs can be sent to anyone and anywhere.

It is an extremely important factor when dealing with overseas buyers that will not want to travel to view high value properties unless they are genuinely interested. 

Engage the 360 degree VR walkthroughs to get serious buyers ready to make an offer earlier and more frequently. You’ll ramp up your revenue in the Realty business, for sure.

360 Degree VR Works For Show Units 

As discussed earlier,  360 degree VR is becoming industry standard at showflats or show units for Real Estate Developments. Don’t wait until it becomes expected of all showflats or show units before you start exploring the technology.

Martin Modern 3bedder

VR can transport prospects through the 360 degree VR videos or visualizations on your website to enhance your showcase and you shall see your business catching up with the other more advanced Real Estate companies.

360 Degree VR Works For Site Tours

Ever went around construction sites with investors, contractors or VIP buyers?  Then you know there are huge liabilities when you step your foot into one. 

Bringing visitors into a space where construction is in place with cranes, excavators, jackhammers, pile drivers, and other heavy-duty machinery still operating is unsafe and inefficient.

The noise and pollution affects your ability to conduct the tour.  To make it worse, you may have to do multiple tours when not all interested parties are available at the same time. 

Why not take advantage of 360 degree VR video and send the tour to them?

It is way more effective and safe to conduct your business this way ! 


360 Degree VR Works For Existing Properties


Whether you are selling  or renting an existing property or marketing new developments, the immediate objective you have is to turn your prospects’ interest into engagement, then convert them to sales.

Wallich Residence 4bedder (1)

That is why you are willing to invest in media that includes high quality photographs or videos.

Imagine making every marketing dollar count by upgrading your advertising media and making your presentations spring to life!

Talk to us on how to use the same budget that you have to create a 360 degree VR video or image that is highly efficient in conveying the message across. Better still, you would even capture the interest and engagement of your clients and turn their interest into the sales you are hoping for.  



360 Degree VR  Is Highly Shareable

360 degree VR videos are supported on widely used free applications like YouTube and Facebook. 

Social Media Sharing

Your professionally created 360 degree VR videos with all its details and angles can travel far beyond your imagination, reaching out to more viewers and buyers than what you could have ever thought or expected ! This makes your high-quality video worth every cent that you paid for !

Just be sure to manage your expectations as it has the potential to go viral ! 

As with all social media strategies, one video is only a small piece of your social puzzle. 

The key to drawing attention to your content is having an active presence and posting frequently. 

You might consider creating interactive 360 walkthroughs for each of your active listings. When you make 360 degree content part of your digital marketing toolkit, you can’t help but to earn yourself a brand as a professional that stands head and shoulders above the rest in the industry. 

The result? You are likely to generate more leads as your campaign catches so much attention !

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We encourage you to dream big and ask questions. 

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