What is the difference between 360° Virtual and Video tour?

Real estate agents are often confused about what to do with their marketing campaigns; is it a virtual tour or a video tour? First of all, most of them do not know the difference between a virtual tour and a video tour; therefore, it is crucial to define these two types of technology.

360° Virtual tours

A virtual tour is simply a 360 ° photo that can be rotated and viewed in any direction. There are companies delivering them, such as Show Me the Property, Matterport and Virtual Tour Easy. It can include between one or two 360 views to about a dozen of 360 spins.

Some people call photo galleries as virtual tours. It’s not even a slide show, though.

360° Video Tour

A 360° video tour is a motion picture of the house that looks like the ones you can see on YouTube. You can also use it while walking around a property that is similar to what you do in an open house. It can also be a perfect asset when you’re sharing a story about the property you’ve featured when you’re doing your real estate marketing video.

Other Difference

Today, you can easily find very complicated virtual tours that will blow you away. You ‘d feel like you’re inside the building. In reality, you can get into all the rooms and find out whether that’s what you want. It is the biggest benefit of a fully interactive 360 virtual tour.

Generally speaking, the best quality photos are key. It’s because if the images were fantastic, the viewers would check the video. Yet when the video is good, viewers can try it out on a virtual tour. Virtual tours are often thought of as an expensive approach to property marketing, but this will not be the case if only three or four 360 degree tours are needed. It helps if you talk to a real-estate photographer about video tour creation and find out more about the actual cost.

Buyers are also comfortable with the video because they know how it works. Videos can also be used everywhere on Facebook, YouTube and other sites where people are involved.

To sum up, the following are the steps to prioritize your marketing campaign:

• Get high-quality images from a photographer.
• 360° Video tours are next. They can work with any site or social media platform that can help build a corporate image.
• Virtual tours are pursued. It can be done when you have high-resolution images and high-performance footage.

*Note that there are three main elements to a good real estate marketing campaign: videos, video tours and virtual tours.

Same Property but different handling to suit the needs of the agent to promote in different platform.

Examples of Show Me The Property:

360° Virtual Tour –  

360° Video Tour

Above mentioned of the basic difference of what is 360° tour.

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