Many industries across the world are rushing to adapt to the challenges the COVID -19 pandemic has created. 

With a comprehensive lockdown on all gatherings and indoor spaces, businesses are rapidly shifting operations online. What we might have operated in the digital world before the Coronavirus, are now seeing digitalisation on a whole new level ! 

Landlords, Property Managers and Real Estate Agents are among those badly affected by these measures.

With the closure of all open inspections, we now have to find new avenues to navigate this operational change to avoid becoming obsolete. 

To help with this shift, Show Me The Property now offers 360 degree VR Site Inspection to take inspections and property handover online. 

SMTP - Site Inspection Example

This new technology will enable Landlords, Property Managers and Real Estate Agents to:

  • Drive inspection traffic both locally and internationally without the need to travel.
  • 24/7 Availability allows clients to inspect by viewing anytime, on any device, anywhere.
  • Allows potential Sellers, Landlords, Buyers and Tenants to make informed decisions without stepping out of the comfort of their home or office.
  • Understand what needs to be taken care of, how to operate the divine in the premise and where to look for the Landlord’s vendor for the equipments in the premise.  – Trust me, this saves you lotsa time and nightmare in rushing down on every urgent repair call !
Happy Tenants & Landlord SMTP

Our Landlords & Property Owners feedback positively on the use of such technology as it helps them to :

    • Keep tab of their inventory
    • Clarity in property handling over enables better management of premise 
    • Easier on Insurance Claims as many items are being accounted for
    • And the list goes on…. !

Reach Out to us to discover how easy it is to use 360 degree VR Site Inspection to assist your inspections and property handover online. 

Learn more about how Show Me The Property is ready to create your custom 360 Degree VR in whatever format that best meets your business needs. 

Take a look at our portfolio for used cases and have a better understanding on how we can help you. 

We encourage you to dream big and ask questions. 

Reach Out to us, we are eager to surprise you.


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