Supercharging Your Property Sales with 360° Virtual Tour and More ..

How Real Estate Agents Can Take Advantage on Virtual Tour of Their Property in the New Normal when Buyers, Investors and Tenants are getting tech-savvier by the days ?

Are you looking for unique ways to market your listings and widen your exposure on social media ?

Check out how 360° Virtual Tours can be embedded on your website or portals and be easily shared on any social media.

The most remarkable presentation of the panorama is the 360° Virtual Tour. The need for Virtual Technology is growing rapidly. Almost everyone is now searching the web to see the availability of Virtual Tours of the places they want to visit. A 3D Virtual Tour is by far the best way to show off your space or services. Providing access to the Virtual Tour of a place is as if your customer is in space.

Virtual Tour Plus

The Game Has Changed

Virtual Reality Technology (VRT) Will Boost Listing Engagement with Buyers and Tenants


Home buyers view an average of 5.8 properties in real life, before securing one. 


But with VRT, they could save expensive time and visit 50 homes in a matter of minutes

10 Benefits Of  Virtual Tour Plus

  • A technology that services your sales while you are sleeping
  • Allows prospective customers to immerse in the beauty of your property/business from anywhere at any time
  • Beautiful, interactive and stimulating representation of your premises
  • Engage customers by showcasing your venue online
  • An innovative, smart and unique Marketing tool that brings you ahead of the game
  • Let the customers experience your location
  • Offers a whole new opportunity to market & engage with prospective customers
  • Shows transparency which builds viewer trust & confidence
  • Use high-quality Virtual Tour to ensure potential clients choose you over the competition
  • Virtual Tours will dramatically increase engagement

Beyond Inventory

Love Your Returns Yet Hate The Hassle? Check out what out BEYOND INVENTORY can do to save you massive time and effort in taking care of your physical properties and inventories while it’s being Rented or for the purpose of claims handling


Beyond Inventory walkthroughs provide reliable, easy-to-use documents that can act as a common source of truth from initial policy decisions to claims handling.

Benefits Of Beyond Inventory

  • Realistic Representation
  • Details Management
  • Managing Facilities
  • Choose the accuracy that you need from a single source.


The ultimate custom VR experience is now the trend in the property market. Your buyers/ tenants would want to view the place before making a trip down to the actual physical location.

So why not provide them the experience that impresses them and marks your professionalism?


Call us now for a demo at the comfort of your place.

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Other Services

360 Video Tour

360° Video Tour

360° Video Tour highlights the Property indepth and allows you introduce the building and its surroudings in person. Very ideal to be used in Real Estate, Commercial Product Introduction as well as Hospitality Premises in introducing the services before the client makes a trip down for the transaction.


360° Video Walkthrough with Narrative

360° Video Walkthrough walks you around from one point to another within the premise while narrating main highlights of the building and the surroudings to the consumers. Your client will understand and appreciate your business much better when you use this Wallkthrough for your physical shop, products and services.

Our Testimonials

Beyond Inventory has helped me document the items in the house and also helped my tenants restore them back when they return the house to us. Very user friendly and anybody knows how to use it. Been using Beyond Inventory for a few rental cycles without additional charges and Yes ! Thanks for helping my inventory with this.

Merry Tanuwidjaya

Property Owner, Cairnhill - Singapore

VRT saves me massive time opening doors to unqualified tenants as they can decide if my property is right for them before coming down for actual viewing

Christina Koh

Property Owner, Cairnhill - Singapore

In comparison to other vendors in the market, SMTP is the only provider that provides 360VR for both indoor and outdoor space. They charge reasonably given the lifetime hosting and great quality of work. 

Thanks for always surprising me with your generosity in the add-ons. My overseas investors love my presentations that I began to receive more referrals now!

Andy Tan

Property Agent - Singapore

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