So you’ve been hearing about digital marketing in the age of Covid-19. In this time and age, you may also have probably already heard about 360 Degree VR. It won’t be a new thing if you work in the fields of tech, marketing, and maybe even advertising.

More and more brands are beginning to leverage this immersive technology to the point that it’s become quite the marketing jargon, especially in a season when travelling is becoming a challenge.

You probably see 360 Degree VR is everywhere …. From 360 VR videos all over YouTube and Facebook to experiential marketing booths in large trade shows and conventions.

It is also becoming a norm for some countries to adopt 360 videos even in advertising.

So what is so interesting about this 360 VR advertising?

Why 360 VR advertising is still frequently misunderstood and misrepresented?

Let’s check it out together !

What is 360 VR Advertising?

360 Virtual Reality Advertising is an entirely new way of advertising.

It’s a premium ad format that leverages 360 VR technology while still being served in the existing ad ecosystem using current ad networks and programmatic channels.

Take a look at the difference between the traditional marketing using 2D video to 360 Degree VR Immersive one.

(Example 2D Traditional Video from Show Me The Property )

What does make 360 VR advertising similar to those branded 360 videos or experiences is the technology that it leverages: 360 VR.

(Example 360 Degree VR Immersive Video from Show Me The Property )

360 VR advertising leverages immersive technology that  gives consumers the opportunity to interact and engage with ads like they’ve never done before.

360 VR also gives brands the chance to provide consumers with premium ad content while also immersing them in their product.

As 360 VR advertising has the capability of engaging the audience immersively, it is ushering in the next level of digital ad engagement – a place where CTRs (click through rates) will be lifted from their abysmal and unacceptable levels that are close to zero to much loftier heights (see results from our case studies).

We are entering a world where banner blindness can be cured and where consumers want to play with ads.

Yes, such a world is possible and Show Me The Property aims to help make it happen!

360 VR Advertising is More than Just an In-App or Social Media Solution

While 360 VR advertising can exist in the digital ad spaces of your apps or even social media accounts, there is a buzz of misconception that 360 VR advertising is either an app-only solution or a social media solution.

Virtual Reality Marketing 3

No, the market is way beyond what you can possibly imagine.

As much as we conclude that 360 VR ads leverage on the existing advertising ecosystem, we also state that they can also be browser-based ads.

This means that even when you’re reading an article from a site or you’re scanning through content from other publishers, the ads you see on the sidebar or in the middle of your content can very well be a 360 VR ad.

This simply means your outreach is much greater because you can basically reachout to anyone who has access to the internet.

Take a look at our portfolio for used cases and have a better understanding on how we can help you.

We encourage you to dream big and ask questions.

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