In this article, Show Me The Property would like to explore the concept of Virtual Commerce (also known as vCommerce, v-commerce or vCom) with our audience. 

As much as Virtual Commerce is often used as a synonym for e-commerce, the application and effects goes far beyond that. 

Branching out from the benefits 360VR marketing offers, more companies employ Virtual Commerce as it helps enterprises implement strategies and design Web sites to enhance the shopping experience online. Purchases can take place in virtual.

It is a scalable solution as the prerequisite for Virtual Commerce is a functioning internet connection with sufficient bandwidth, which means it is open and accessible to anyone and anywhere.

How does it come about?

With wider use of the internet and the evolution of shopping via the online e-commerce platform, Show Me The Property,  through our experience in the market, obeserved that Virtual Commerce has spun off as consumers prefer more interactivity in their shopping experience. 

Purchases no longer take place only in a real environment, but could be handled in virtual rooms. 

One of the popular examples of this development is the “Second Life” – where users can live through an avatar in a 3D world.

Second Life- Show Me The Property

Second Life was released in 2003 and is welcomed with great demand. In addition to just living in the virtual world, they were able to buy items or set up their home. Thus, Second Life was one of the first opportunities for virtual commerce.

Virtual Commerce has since gained a significant boost through the commercialization of Virtual Reality.  With the possibility that almost every modern smartphone can be converted into VR glasses with the appropriate accessories, the possibility for users to visit “virtual stores” has also increased in proportion.

It makes businesses launch their new products easier as new functions can be implemented and tested before they go live on their e-commerce websites.

Positive Review on The Application of Virtual Commerce

Future Of Virtual Commerce

In comparison to traditional e-commerce, Virtual Commerce presents a lot more options for both consumers and merchants. For example, online shops can present their products much better while consumers can “enter” virtual rooms with their mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

This creates a lot more opportunity as it saves time and resources from merchants while creating an immersive and engaging shopping experience to their consumers.

Benefits For Virtual Commerce  Marketing

Believe it or not, Virtual Commerce is set to stay and develop even more, especially in the Covid or post Covid world where people will switch their shopping preferences online without the hassle of being in contact with another human to reduce the risk of being infected by the coronavirus.

Virtual Fashion Shopping

With the further development of 360VR vs traditional marketing, it is expected that it won’t be long before you can try on clothes and pay for it in virtual shops with highly individualized sales processes, which are similar to those in the real world.

The technology is still developing and  big tech organizations such as Google and Apple have already created the technical requirements for marketers and companies to be able to implement virtual commerce. 

So have you turned your business online in this time and age? If you already had, it is time to step up the game by providing an engaging experience that your customers will check out their cart everytime they shop with you!

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