In view of the effects of the current pandemic, Show Me The Property observed how the current nationwide restrictions under the Covid pandemic has caused many Property Developers, Landlords and Sellers in Singapore and across the world to suffer under the loss of existing tenants that resulted in the substantial shrinkage of rental income and sales opportunity.

 With the new normal in place where people are getting used to conducting activities online, Show Me The Property  is confident that our 360VR services is a solution for Property Developers, Landlords and Sellers to overcome this crisis and emerge stronger when the market bounces back.

 Who knows, this may even be an opportunity for your company or brand to reach out to a wider audience and attract revenues from new channels !

 Let’s scroll through how our packages can benefit your property marketing and management.

Show Me The Property  360 VR Service Packages

  1. The 360 VR Video

 We are able to offer this package on a complimentary basis on selected properties in your company’s list.

 Restricted to only 15 seconds, the 360 VR video can be accessed via our Show Me The Property Youtube Channel.

Show Me The Property Showcase of a housing neighbourhood in Singapore

 We would recommend this package for teasers and is pretty limited as a function for a proper showcasing.

Our Logo will be shown in this option.

  1. Beyond Inventory

This is a 360VR  in image form.

All the corners and details are easily seen in 1 shot.

Show Me The Property Showcase of main bedroom in 2 bedder Sennett Residences, Singapore

Users can go over to take a closer look at the items from one point to another and we can insert illustrations on them.

Vendors for maintaining individual items within the unit can also be included in the illustration for better service to the customers.

Your company may embed and share this photo in their websites or emails easily and we can include your watermark for branding as well.

Show Me The Property  would normally recommend this package for handovers and site inspection, as it comes with itemised defects for the property.

  1. Virtual Tour Plus 

This is the 360VR interactive photo tour  where you are able to zoom in your details on the property to showcase.

Show Me The Property Showcase of Renovated Shophouse in South Bridge Road, Singapore

It is a major enhancement of the Beyond Inventory Package as it comes with thorough product inspection for both user and viewer. Property Buyers and Tenants are able to see and feel the space of the property and asset which leads them to make informed decisions.

We would recommend this package for properties looking to market as full details of the property are available with interactive options for prospective tenants or buyers to maneuver the interactive photo tour to zoom in the details they need, at any point in time.

  1. Virtual Strategy 

This would include 360VR Interactive Photo tour and 360VR Video walk through.

This is an all-in ala carte menu that is assessed based on the company’s needs as Show Me The Property could enhance more customisable items products and services within this package.

An excerpt of our Video Tour is as follow  :

Show Me The Property Showcases An idyllic neighbourhood  in Singapore

Show Me The Property’s Interactive Photo tour : 

Show Me The Property Showcases Inspace in Singapore

Show Me The Property is able to include development details upon request by the client as the example in the interactive photo tour of this package.

Show Me The Property’s  Complimentary Offer To Your Company

As we firmly believe that 360 VR technology is the best solution for our clients in showcasing their properties, we would like to roll out a complimentary offer for all Developers, Property Landlords and Sellers to try out our services.

This is our gift to help our friends in the Real Estate Industry in times of the Covid crisis !

Learn more about how Show Me The Property is ready to create your custom 360 Degree VR in whatever format that best meets your needs. 

Take a look at our portfolio for used cases and have a better understanding on how we can help you.

We encourage you to dream big and ask questions. 

Reach Out to us, we are eager to surprise you.


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