With the onslaught of the Covid pandemic, many businesses are badly affected and many end up behind the shutters. 

This includes the Real Estate Sector, where property viewings are being put to a halt and sales being stifled. The numerous restrictions imposed by various local governments has encouraged many Real Estate Agents to innovate and conduct their property viewings online.

Hence the emergence of many online marketing tools being used by Property Agents, some savvy ones would engage 360 Virtual Reality (360VR) to cut above the rest.  

Show Me The Property has researched that other than being above the rest, engaging 360VR – Virtual Reality for property marketing has in fact made lives easier for Real Estate Agents- by saving them time, money and making their Landlords, Sellers, Buyers and Tenants happier !

According to the statistics, virtual reality marketing using 360VR  technology generates up to:


Statistics like that cannot be ignored. 

Show Me The Property has done a series of Webinars so far to demonstrate that 360VR property marketing allows Real Estate Agents to show a property to anyone, anywhere at any time of the day; and the benefits of that are undeniable.

What about the landlords and property owners? Let’s check out what they think about this technology !

Why Landlords and Sellers Prefer 360VR Virtual Reality Vs Physical Viewings?

happy Landlords

Less Physical Viewings = Less Risk Of Covid Infection

With the onslaught of Covid pandemic when movements such as property viewings are being restricted at a large scale, Landlords and Sellers who have the intention to rent/sell their properties are cautious on increased contacts with strangers into their house.

Qualifying the buyer/tenant before allowing them to step into their house reduces the risk for the landlord’s/ seller’s family who are also staying in the property.

Less Physical Viewings = Less Hassle

The average landlord/ seller will have to go through between 19-25 viewings to get their property off the market. That means they typically have to clean the house and get it “buyer ready” … 19-25 times.  This also translates to 19-25 times they have to go through the hassle of letting strangers into their home.

A virtual tour means the landlord/seller prepares their home only once for the 360VR to be recorded and experience less wasted viewings going forward.  

Employing 360VR for virtual property tours can radically reduce these viewings as it enables buyers and tenants to qualify if a home is for them. 

Many testimonials was also given from top producing Real Estate Agents to have closed property sales during the pandemic and reduced their viewings by 57% after they started using VR property tours!

Anything that pleases the landlords and sellers already puts you in a favoured position and information like this can easily increase the chances of you winning instructions in the first place !

Why Buyers and Tenants Like 360VR Experiences In Property Marketing 

happy tenants & buyers

360 VR widely opens up a buyer’s ability to envision themselves in a property and all about the property before they have to physically visit it.

Whilst amazing property photography is a must, research has found that 75% of buyers actually preferred virtual tours to regular photography. 

On top of this, we had also found out that

Why 360VR Marketing

The benefits of VR property marketing don’t end there. Buyers and Tenants also benefit from them and ultimately they make your life easier. Check out from our used case on how 360VR can be implemented seamlessly into our property marketing.

Dan Hughes, CEO of Alpha Property Insight summed it up nicely:

“the average agent spends 80% of their business day doing admin and marketing their product, not negotiating and closing deals. Technology allows us to invert that statistic so that 80% of a professional’s time is spent negotiating and closing deals and only 20% is spent on administrative tasks.”

Incorporating 360VR technology into your property marketing could be a great decision for a lot of Real Estate Agents. 

Yet such a decision shall enable them to reap the harvest as it benefits their Sellers, Buyers, Landlords, Tenants…. and eventually yourself as a professional !

Show Me The Property  has an exclusive offer to help you kickstart the 360VR easily. 

Take a look at our portfolio for used cases and have a better understanding on how we can help you. We are interested to help you to emerge stronger from the effects of the Covid pandemic.

We encourage you to dream big and ask questions. 

Reach Out to us, we are eager to surprise you.

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